Society and Culture

The University of Arizona studies and promotes the safe and sustainable use of water for the benefit of communities in rural, urban, border, and tribal areas. We educate the next generation of water stewards through K-12 STEM programs and engage community members in activities related to water’s role in society and public health.

Addressing the world’s water challenges requires not just scientific innovation and effective public policy-making, but the participation of members from all strata of society. Watershed stewardship, lifelong learning, sustainable water use, and public health awareness are some of the initiatives promoted through University of Arizona’s many water outreach programs. Programs such as Arizona Project WET, the Bureau for Applied Research in Anthropology, and the College of Public Health's Environmental and Occupational Health Department facilitate collaboration between citizen groups and public/private institutions, and promote healthy relationships between society and the water resources it needs to flourish. The University of Arizona’s unique location in the Lower Colorado Basin and its proximity to the U.S.-Mexico border provides special opportunities for researchers and community development specialists to work in the complex areas of trans-boundary water issues and intercultural exchange.

Below you will find contact information and resources relevant to your interests in water's relationship to society and culture at the University of Arizona
Director of Arizona Project WET Kerry Schwartz on societal engagement in water resource issues through education and collaborative activities
Dr. Kelly Reynolds outlines the vital role of safe and sustainable water supplies in the field of Public Health