Ali Behrangi

Associate Professor, Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences

Dr. Ali Behrangi has more than a decade of experience in various aspects of cloud and precipitation studies. He has been involved in development and analysis of satellite-based high-resolution multi-sensor precipitation estimation algorithms, diagnostic evaluation and uncertainty analysis of precipitation products (IR, microwave, radar), extreme weather event analysis, and hydrologic modeling and application. In the last 6 years, he has had a greater focus on remote sensing of precipitation in cold regions, where he has also utilized CloudSat, GRACE, reanalyses, and other new observations. He is a member of the NASA Energy and Water Cycle Study (NEWS), GRACE science teams, the International Precipitation Working Group (IPWG), and WCRP/GEWEX panel on weather and climate extremes. He also leads an effort under NASA MEaSUREs to advance GPCP precipitation data record in high latitudes. He was a research scientist at NASA JPL before joining  U of Arizona in 2018.

Research Interests:
Multi-sensor Multi-spectral remote sensing of precipitation, high Latitude and mountainous rain and snow retrievals and analysis, hydroclimatic analysis (drought, fire, and flood) and societal interactions, extreme weather and climate analysis (e.g., tropical storms and extreme precipitation), global water and energy budget analysis, hydrologic/watershed modeling and optimization, developing high resolution precipitation products for hydrometeorological applications, representation of precipitation in climate models, cloud classification and precipitation characteristics, evaluation of precipitation products, and machine learning