Drought and Climate

The University of Arizona conducts environmental monitoring and modeling research to forecast short-term weather conditions and long-term climate trends. Our work informs decision-makers and helps Arizona communities adapt to drought and climate change.

Drought and climate change are increasingly influential components in global environmental modelling and political discourse. Researchers from University of Arizona schools and departments including Natural Resources and the Environment, Soil, Water and Environmental Science, and Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences examine the natural and anthropogenic mechanisms driving drought and climate change in arid regions of the American Southwest and around the globe. Their work contributes to environmental policy-making, disaster preparedness, climate adaptation, and our understanding of the many roles of water in natural systems and society. On the University of Arizona campus, research centers and programs such as the Climate Assessment for the Southwest (CLIMAS) and the Center for Climate Adaptation Science and Solutions (CCASS) bring together the expertise needed to perform advanced research and engage stakeholders on issues related to climate and drought, and disseminate that information to the public.

Below you will find contact information and resources relevant to your interests in drought and climate at the University of Arizona
Dr. Michael Crimmins describes applied science expertise at the University of Arizona, which includes climate modeling, paleo-climatology, drought, climate change adaptation, and more...
Dr. Karletta Chief on working with tribes to identify and develop tools for making management decisions on climate change issues